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Hey guys, Lachhh here.

Very sad announcement today, so I want you to read this while you listen to the end game song of Ninja Gaiden on NES in background:

Seriously, put the song on.

..Is it there ? Good.

Recently, we had to lay off everybody working at Berzerk Studio, sell pretty much all our stuffs and move away from our office. Leaving only the 3 co-founder, Marc and Etienne and I, with no office and little to no money left.

It's a very sad fate for the long ride we had, this December will be our 5 years anniversary (...yay!). 2013 has been a very bad year for us, we lost a lot money, and finally our kick-ass team.
That means we won't be able to update Sands Of Coliseum and BattleCry anymore. We were working on Sands Of Coliseum 2 and a lot of cool different project. It was all going along nicely, but yeah, our bank account told us that... we should go... f**k ourselves.

Is the music still playing ? Good.

The games will still be up, but we just don't have the team anymore to support updates. So instead of cowardly avoid all questions, we decided to be strong, hairy knuckled men and tell you the truth. It might piss off a lot of people, but again, we prefer loyalty to our fans then being jerks and silent.

Why is there no money left ?

We have a couple of ideas, errors we did that we need to avoid in the future, but it's hard to pinpoint. What we do know is we ended up spending too much money on games than what it gave in return. We wanted to make good, quality games at the point where we were losing money making it. Fans before money.

That being said, we want to thank every single one of you that ever played our games. It's cliché, but it's the truth, without you, we could not work on games that we like and enjoy. You guys... are just awesome.

So what's next ? Well, here's the kicker :

We are not giving up.

We may be back at square 1, we might have lost a lot of projects, we may have lost a lot of money but we are not giving up. Frantic Frigates 2 will be released under Berzerk Studio at the beginning of 2014. Meanwhile, we are all working on project on our own. Some will be released under the Berzerk Brand, some won't.

We lost a lot, but we are still working all day, making games, as our primary jobs.

We lost this round, but the fight ain't finished and we sincerely hope you guys will still be there to enjoy the show.

As rocky said : " ain't about how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done."

- The Berzerk Crew

Farewell, Berzerk Studio...

New stuuuuffff

2013-08-12 11:08:41 by BerzerkStudio

Hey pals and palettes!

So we sneaked in the expansion for Battle Cry last Friday, well, not really sneaked in, more like "I had a blog post ready but forgot to press submit before leaving and now it's lost and I completely forgot all the witty jokes I had made and now it's Monday and I miss my bed god I need coffee did the janitor break something there's something missing on my desk SOMEONE ATE MY PORRIDGE"

Wait what who why where was I, oh yeah, Battle Cry update!

The update includes 70 new items, the first out of three single player acts, some balancing fixes that were suggested by players, bunch of backend fixes that would bore the frick out of you and a few new interface features.

The next acts and the 4 locked legendary units will be unlocked later this months, over the next two updates when the rest of the team comes back from vacation. Until then if you find bugs or have any feedback, I'm still here to at least answer and and give out hugs.

Non-Battle Cry related, thanks a lot again for all the fun words on Peacekeeper, 1rst daily and weekly pick, 2nd for robot day, an inbox full of axe puns and we even got a review on TV! We've been caressing the idea of radically updating it with some more content and getting it either on Steam or free-gen consoles since you pals liked it so much. You guys think there would be any interest in that?

So yeah, in short, you guys are awesome and the entire team extends their manly (and ladymanly) fist for the brutalest of fistbumps in history.

PS: Mister Tom, make more mystery boxes, we got store credit burning our pockets.

New stuuuuffff

Hai buddies and buddiettes!

One of the reason for the year long radio silence over here is pretty much the result of the few weeks to come, we have been working on gallons of projects and updates that all ended up being ready for release, well, now.

So this week, we present to you our latest PvP strategic planning game: Battle Cry.

We're trying something a bit different from our usual M.O. it's a bit more slow paced and requires more brain juice than what we usually go for, hopefully it sits well with everyone!

As always, we welcome any and all feedback, multiplayer games are always a headache to balance out to find the right spot for everyone to enjoy.

Also: Thanks for ALL the kind words and even the not so kind ones for Peacekeeper, you guys are awesome and made our week! It's a pleasure to entertain you pals.
Alsoalso: Sorry for the peace pun in the title, I just had to.

And now for a change of pace (/peace?)

Oh hai pals and palettes!

2013-07-10 10:26:14 by BerzerkStudio

So yeah, we've been neglecting this blog thing, we're sorry, it's not you all, it's us.

That being said, with all the talk in the media about violence in video games being bad and stuff, we decided to turn a new leaf and start making games about peace!

The first installment of this new Berzerk mentality is The Peacekeeper, currently available on here at and on your pocket telephone machines for the low low cost of sweet nothing.

Apple things: 8911731
Robot stuff: m.spilgames.a10.peacekeeper
Amazonian picture book: DCXGIM6

Spread the peace buddies!

Oh hai pals and palettes!

Sands of the Coliseum : Released on Newgrounds!

2011-03-10 17:35:16 by BerzerkStudio

Check out our latest game : Sands of the Coliseum !


2011-03-09 09:59:34 by BerzerkStudio

Look at this everyone ! it's the preview of one of our upcoming project call ALIENOCALYPSE: //