Entry #16

Berzerk podcast!

2016-09-27 13:08:35 by BerzerkStudio

Hey guys ! 

We started a new show on Twitch called Berzerk podcast

It's a podcast with most of the Berzerk team talking about whatever, usually game dev and games. We're aiming to make a podcast for every Zombidle update, potentially more if we have announcement / new games to talk about. The show usually starts at 2pmEST on Friday, but we're doing it today (Tuesday) this week because we're going to TwitchCon.  

Come say hi!  



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2016-09-27 17:58:09

pretty cool


2017-05-28 03:43:51

Haven't been able to play Zombidle in a long time, even though I have the latest FF 64bit and Flash installed. I'm getting a 'whoops' screen w/ 2 possible fixes, the last being the host should set wmode=direct in the html file.... has NG done this?

Bad enough FF 32bit dropped Flash support, this is really getting me down


2017-11-15 13:15:31

Happy Birthday Lachhh, thanks for responding to my comment, and showing us where you lived and worked. Sure glad Zombidle is running again, no idea why it wasn't clearing customs.