Infernax on kickstarter

2015-02-19 10:42:16 by BerzerkStudio

Hey guys! It's time for the big reveal! We just started a kickstarter campaign for our new game Infernax.  Check out the video to see the story behind the game, and why we're launching it through Kickstarter. 
Also,  For the first time ever, you can see the 3 co-founders of Berzerk Studio on the same frame in the trailer, can you find it?



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2015-02-19 11:25:20

Looks sweet, hope it gets kickstarted!


2015-02-19 11:54:17

Hahah :DD
Laaach :'D
Pretty hot and sexy as always :)
Can't wait for game. If our game will be sponsored I'LL GIVE U MAMONEY!!!1
And yep I'm looking forward to vote on Greenlit right now!
Never stop making awesome games man \m/

Man... Where is your videos? :(
Twitch is a funny thing. But fuck man. I can't live without your amazing videos.
I hope that you'll continue making staff on youtube ;)


2015-02-19 12:10:52

Wow. That's legitimately legit.


2015-02-19 18:23:14

Arf, I had problems with kickstarter the only time I tried to back a project for some reasons, my European bank and Amazon US not quite understanding each other, but if you have other meaning for me to help you, I'd be glad !


2015-02-20 18:07:37

This looks incredible! Castlevania on steroids!


2015-09-09 14:38:50

Looks awesome!!