Worst game ever, I hope you die (How to deal with Internet comments)

2014-11-07 19:36:06 by BerzerkStudio

Hey Guys, Lachhh here!

Episode 12 of Indie Your Face is up!

Today we talk about Internet comments! When you send your creative work on Internet, things can get.... messy. Random hate from Internet can break a guy's heart, sometimes even making them call it quits. This video talks about games, but it easily apply to any creative works. Like any other creator out there, we receive our share of shit-talk, and here are my advices to deal with it. Enjoy!




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2014-11-07 23:52:35

God you guys make the best games.


BerzerkStudio responds:

Thanks for playing!


2014-11-08 00:07:08

Haha excellent as usual!


2014-11-08 00:19:36

Two things:
1) Excellent way to show that you don´t need to get angry about someone spamming negative comments.
2) Which is the song used when the hate comments appear?

BerzerkStudio responds:

Thanks for watching!
The song is the 2nd movement of the 7th symphony by Beethoven, link is in the description of the video. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haseluAw20M)


2014-11-08 08:02:59

Excellent video. This is great advice on how to deal with the giant shit pile that is the internet.


2014-11-08 12:19:01

I've been playing Sky Quest a lot lately, and I just happened to see this on the front page. You guys make some pretty great games!

BerzerkStudio responds:

Thanks for playing them! :)


2014-11-08 13:35:41

What brought up this idea for making a video to help creators to get through the comments that fans leave or haters? Or why not turn it into a rpg/ action game out of these. Im talking about that badass animation that you made for that quote... Wink wink..wink.

BerzerkStudio responds:

I have lots of notes online for different subject of Indie Your Face and since we recently release Sky Quest and was reading comments a lot, it gave me the idea to do some research on the subject.

And yeah, that badass game at the end would totally be something I'd play :D!


2014-11-09 01:57:54

Very insightful, well, every creator would appreciate this, at least at some point in their lives.

And since I think you're French Canadian... beau travail avec le vidéo, j'aime bien -- pas seulement le contenu, mais aussi ton accent, ta manière de parler.

BerzerkStudio responds:

Merci ! :D

Berzerk Studio viens de Québec en effet. Merci pour le feedback!


2014-11-09 06:21:52

ok just wanted to point out the fact that there is alot of love/hate on the internet but you dont have to keep the hate comments on your stuff i mean it's your game why not simply delete them its way easyer belive me....btw thanks for the sky quest game but you can also find new ways to improve like for instance in a horror game you walk throw a door and you die ... then comes the part where you begin to swear and the fun starts happening you get curious why you died because you want to reach the end of that game to see the credits and the nice ending


2014-11-15 16:00:59

Hey Lachhh,

just a random question, I love the Metroid poster in the background, can you tell me where you got it from?

To stay on topic, haters are the bane of every comments section... hiding behind their anonymity, insulting people for providing you with free contend... there is absolutely no reason for this... well maybe if the game killed your family ... but how often does this happen?

@Necroionutwiz: I don't think deleting hate comments is the way to go. A hater usually goes away if you ignore them. By deleting the comment you are risking to pull him back. Not only that, but other People might think you are just deleting negative comments to boost your rating.

Other than that, I love your work, keep it up guys! :)

BerzerkStudio responds:

BAM : http://society6.com/product/super-metroid-ib8_print#1=45
The poster is great! I found it by listening to Game Loot by Vsauce3 :

Thanks for watching and playing our stuff!