Indie Your Face Episode 11!

2014-09-16 08:58:33 by BerzerkStudio

Hey Guys, Lachhh here!
I just came back from PAX and I had a great time! I received a lot of tips from other game developers so I thought I should make an episode and share them as well. When the trip cost about $4,000+, you got to be sure to have a good impact at the show, so here are my few tips!




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2014-09-16 14:05:26

god damn Lachhh you snekey bastard you added TF2 sound efects to your video good work man totaly into that kind of stuff now you've made me interested in your game more ill try it out thanks again


2014-09-16 21:30:33

Awesome tips. Also, I could just punch myself in the face for not coming over to your end of the minibooth because I totally saw your game and thought it looked cool.


2014-09-17 00:26:01

Thx for your tips!


2014-09-17 10:15:11

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