Indie Your Face Episode 5!

2013-12-19 14:56:10 by BerzerkStudio

Hey Guys ! Lachhh here,  Episode 5 of Indie Your Face! For those who wants some tricks in game development, check this out! For the others, it's still fun to watch!  I even sing in that episode...

- Lachhh



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2013-12-19 19:01:46

Merry Christmas to all you guys at Berzerk Studios! Keep on making awesome games, and I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work next year.


2013-12-19 20:30:56

oh you're a fan of Papers Please too omg that game was awesome I stamped papers and blablablabalh!.... sorry too much Planteray Annihilation kickstarter video on my mind.


2013-12-22 09:14:27

Awesome video! I agree 100% with you. Excecution is everything. And by the way, you are awesome man.


2014-08-06 19:44:46

Hey BezerkStudio's. For your "Sands of Coliseum" game could you maybe add a "Refresh" option for armor's and stuff in the Shop that'll be better than before IF we level up so it's easier to just get new thing's and go through the campaign better? That'd be pretty helpful.