Berzerk Studio... we're not giving up!

2013-12-06 17:14:25 by BerzerkStudio

Hey guys, Lachhh here ! 


First, thanks for all the great comments you gave us,  you don't know how much we appreciate that fans still believe in us, and support us through the end. You're giving us fuel to keep on. You guys rocks !


I made a little video about the recent Berzerk Studio's event,  check it out guys, it's a message for you all. 

- Lachhh


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2013-12-06 17:39:43

i love you berzerk you always have a great place in my heart


2013-12-06 18:30:03

what happened? Sounds like something happened to you guys.


2013-12-06 18:32:44

okay, i read your previous post.


2013-12-06 20:35:09

but still to go ways


2013-12-07 07:08:07

I've been playing your games since 09! You guys need to see this as a lesson a learn from the past. Maybe a way more good bounty is just waiting for you guys!


2013-12-07 07:19:08

Damn capitalists. LOL!


2013-12-07 11:18:35

You guys are responsible for making some of the best and most addicting flash games I have ever played! And I know sincerely that you guys can bounce back, I have faith. So just keep on trucking! You guys will come back and be better than ever :D -nickisweird123


2013-12-07 14:24:56

Fuckin' great outlook man, good luck in any future endeavours!


2013-12-07 14:27:29

Great video. Maybe a little too much cliche qoutes but still good lol. I've also dealt with failure making games, just gotta keep going forward. It's only a bigger deal for game making then other jobs because we don't have that fallback income during bad periods.


2013-12-07 15:15:46

love you bitch~~
dont give up, just bitches give up~!!!! u can do it!!!
keep up posting the news, and rock on~~ ;D


2013-12-07 21:41:04

Berzerk Studios fucking rules!


2013-12-08 02:10:09

"Even masters were once disasters." - T. Harv Ecker. You guys have done amazing with the games and are really original with your ideas, and I can't wait to see you guys come back :)


2013-12-08 10:10:47

Good luck, guys. Expecting to you guys the best.


2013-12-10 15:23:21

the King say

kick some ass, you can do it. I will be with 100%

the king is happy :)